My sister and I have a wonderful relationship, and she can always find me a date when I need one. I managed to get two tickets for a new musical in town, and she suggested one of her sorority sisters. I was agreeable, and we planned to meet at the theatre and have dinner afterwards. The evening went exceedingly well, and I called the woman the next day to arrange another date.

I did tell her that I would be out of town on business during the next week, but I asked if we could meet for a picnic lunch on Saturday. She agreed, but she called me back a few hours later and said she had forgotten a previous commitment. I told her I’d call her on the weekend to set up another date, and she said that would be fine.

When I called back to arrange another date, she didn’t seem to have any available time. My sister called a few days later, and she asked me why the two of us hadn’t gone on another date. I explained her friend seemed uninterested, but she said her friend just liked to play hard to get. I called once more and arranged another date, but she again cancelled on me. I stopped calling and found someone else to date.

After a few weeks, I had completely forgotten my sister’s friend. I was beginning to realize the woman I was now seeing might be the perfect woman for me. When my sister called to ask me why I still hadn’t gone on another date with her friend, I told her about the cancellation. She tried to pass it off as playing hard to get, but I told her I had found someone else who wasn’t interested in playing too hard to get.